Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Fed on Grohman

Members of the FMCBC on the ridge leading to Mount Grohman

That's the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC, who were holding their annual general meeting in Nelson this weekend. The Fed is an umbrella organization with about 20 member clubs whose primary purpose is to protect the interests of non-motorized users of BC's backcountry. Much of the weekend was taken up with meetings, but on Sunday, the KMC hosted a couple of trips so that people from out of town could enjoy our little place in British Columbia. Unfortunately, many people were short on time, so could only do a half day hike. We drove the Grohman Road to about 2000 metres and hiked along the ridge towards Mount Grohman - the VOC members of the BCMC were last seen racing towards the top of Mount Grohman - this is a really scenic area, especially once you get past the village that now makes up Baldface Lodge.

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