Thursday, December 30, 2010

Enough About Me, Now About Me

Well, we all suffer from a little narcissism. After all, studies show that 80% of us believe ourselves to be above average. But, some people take these beliefs to a whole new dimension and enter the realm of narcissus and can do no wrong. It took me a long while to realize I had a narcissist in my life. The thing about narcissists is, they can be so damn charming. And, as expert manipulators, narcissists know exactly what to say to keep you hanging around. Being always the victim, narcissists can really work on your sympathies and you find yourself forgiving all kinds of behaviour that most of us consider unkind and inappropriate at best, belittling, demeaning and down-right nasty at worst.

I like to live with the philosophy that everyone is doing their best to get through life, and I still hold to that belief when thinking about the narcissist in my life. But, at some point, narcissists can become so toxic to your own well-being that sometimes you just have to disengage. 

 Moon Rise Over the Doghouse

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