Monday, December 12, 2011

The Importance of Having Goals

I am always trying to improve my climbing, and, to that end, I've been reading a whole bunch of training books and website information. One of the sites I read, has a section on pull-up training and, just under two weeks ago I started this pull-up training strategy.

My first day was November 29 and I was able to do a total of 8 full pull-ups, the rest I did as negatives with 5 seconds at top position and lowering for 5 seconds. Now, 13 days later, I just did 15 full pull-ups in sets of 5. Not a bad increase for under two weeks.

Apart from the physical aspect of this training strategy, I found that having a goal of getting at least 5 pull-ups out per set, really encouraged me to struggle and strain and fight to get that last pull-up out. Previously, I had simply been doing "maximum" pull-ups, but, without a concrete number to aim for, copping out and mentally giving up was too easy.

A concrete measurable goal really helps focus your mental energy, which, after all, is what drives your physical capabilities.
Pull-up Training on the Millenium Bridge

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  1. Nice photo,Sandra. I seem to remember taking that one.