Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ski Touring At Kootenay Pass

Yesterday, we had a peaceful, fun day touring around out of Kootenay Pass. The Pass is a funny place, the parking lot can be packed with vehicles, but, if you avoid the popular and dead-obvious locations like Baldy Rocks, Lightening Strike and Cornice Ridge, you can be almost guaranteed solitude. True, tracks are, as every where, being seen further afield than in previous years; still, most people don't venture very far from the road.

Our route took us up to Signpost Pass and on to a western outlier of The Crags, down the south side and then east to ski a couple of 450 metre runs down the south side of Peak 2115. I don't ski all that often at the Pass, as the drive is long, and, I've skied up most everything within a day's distance, so anything I say has to be taken with those caveats. But, I've never seen tracks over in this area, despite the fact that it is less than 4 km from the parking area.

On our way back, we found the trail we had broken to Signpost Pass pulverized by a hoard of snowshoers, yet there was only two tracks descending the south side of The Crags and neither track went to the bottom of the run, and precious few tracks anywhere else.

It goes without saying we were alone all day.

No one about but us

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