Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monsoon Rains

Our backyard rain gauge recorded 121 mm of rain in the past three days. That's a whole lotta water. The morning was dry but foggy, and it began raining again in the early afternoon. June is always a wet month in this part of BC.

I joined the KMC on a pleasant hike through forest around the area of Duhamel Creek during which we managed to avoid the rain.

It was the usual scene. Everyone but me started out at a sprint as if the starters gun had gone off, while I started off at my usual pace, the one I can keep up all day. Within half an hour, I went from the back of the line to the front of line as the sprinters inevitably slowed right down, and, by the time we were walking back at the end of the hike, I found the pace too slow. Now what was that about the tortoise and the hare?

 Trail apparently built by Doug

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