Monday, February 17, 2014

Fear And Loathing

The best kind of workouts have to be those which you approach with apprehension verging on fear and dread. Stronglifts is a bit like that. After the first few weeks which are pretty easy with the weights quickly going up, you reach that stage where each set of each rep of each exercise takes you to absolute failure. Any idealistic thoughts about pounding out some pull-ups, ankles to bar, or front lever work go out the window when you strain out the last set of the last rep, and, if you manage to bicycle home, you're pretty happy.

Doug cruising the classic Wheat Thin
City of Rocks, Idaho 

Effective as they are, such workouts don't leave much in the tank for other activities. Hiking, easy biking or kayaking, even some light bouldering are all doable, but trying to do much more is tough. You are just too sore, too fatigued, too flattened. If you are planning something a bit more ambitious, best to do it on Sunday after a day of rest but before the next workout. That' s the day I usually do my sprints – another workout approached with a mixture of dread, fear and loathing.

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