Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Holding Steady

A while ago I was lamenting the catabolic effects of being endlessly on the road and generally whining about how hard it is to maintain certain health maintenance activities. I guess I got kinda fed up with not feeling my best and came up with a strategy which I can maintain while travelling, climbing, kayaking, and doing all the other things we do as we travel about Australia. 

It's pretty simple: I eat real food, I walk an hour in the morning and an hour at night, and I do three body weight workouts a week which are (right now) 15 minutes long. Written out, it sounds kinda pathetic - definitely not badass - especially in these days of 100 km ultra-runs. But, when you add it all up, in addition to whatever I am doing that day (climbing, kayaking), I am engaged in some form of exercise (or more importantly not sitting) for about three hours a day. 


As I was wandering along the track last night in incipient darkness with a blustery wind blowing, I was thinking that, contrary to my previous whining, I am actually holding my own pretty well. I can hike uphill at 600 metres an hour, lead rock climbs at about the same level as I led at back in Canada when I thought (was) in far better rock climbing shape (maybe that doesn't say much for how well I was climbing back in the Great White North), do pushups, pullups, and ankles to bar (haven't got that front lever). Given that my goal is to be a reasonably functional human, not run an ultramarathon or lift more weight than Sly Stallone, perhaps I am not doing as poorly as I originally thought.

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