Friday, November 21, 2014

Slightly Bold

Going cheap: one 51 year old (almost 52 as my mother informed me yesterday) climber who can lead "slightly bold" pitches and tackle overhangs on "big holds in ... exposed position(s)."

I once read Andy Kirkpatrick describing sea kayaking as moments of utter boredom (I wish I was dead) interspersed with moments of utter terror (I'm going to fucking die) with a slice of utter commitment (I hope my partner dies, not me) thrown in (read the whole blog post here). Things weren't quite so clear cut today, but I did feel some moments of sheer joy (this climbing is awesome) interspersed with some moments of not quite utter terror - must get solid piece in NOW - while leading today's routes. The beauty of climbing is it doesn't really matter what grade you are climbing, you can always have this intense experience where your whole focus is narrowed down to the moves in front of you.

Arapiles Morning

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