Monday, December 1, 2014

Mount Eccles

Another volcanic park today, this one Mount Eccles National Park which features some more lava tubes, drystone walls, a remnant volcano and a lake filled crater. In keeping with typical Victoria weather, a couple of hot days was followed closely by cool, windy weather. There's a few easy loop walks you can do at Mount Eccles. We strolled around the lava circuit, which features a number of interesting volcanic features. The first one you get to is a big lava tube that you can walk way back into - take a head-torch. The floor on this one is even and the ceiling curves smoothly overhead. It's pretty interesting to think that 30.000 years ago lava rushed down this passage. 

 Drystone wall

The track then follows the course of an old lava flow and along the way passes many drystone walls. I assume these were made by early settlers as the ones at Mount Napier were. About half way around the circuit, a passage between more lava walls leads to a clamshell shaped cave before passing a dry crater. A short climb and you are on top of Mount Eccles, where, luckily, this handy sign points the way. 

 Why say more?

We also took a lap around Lake Surprise which is really lovely as the lake is full of different kinds of birds singing, echidnas and dark coloured wallabies. 

 Lake Surprise

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