Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Seven Best In 2014

The title pretty much says it all. Although the 14 best in 2014 would have more alliterative effect, I've decided to limit the "best list" to seven. Since the saturation of social media we all pretty much have the attention span of a gnat, so the seven best trips (would it be hubris to call them adventures) seems more than ample. Truthfully, most folks won't make it past one, so the other six are probably wasted anyway. Within the seven best trips of 2014 there is no particular ranking. I found it hard enough to narrow a year's worth of adventures down to seven and ranking them would be very challenging for someone with attention span of a gnat. 

 Upper Gorges on the Katherine River
This trip didn't quite make the top seven

Rattlesnake and Herald Islands Sea Kayaking
We were shot at, escorted off the island by the Australian army, invaded by biting green ants, but, our trip out to Rattlesnake and Herald Islands 13 km offshore and north of Townsville was still pretty special. 

 Sunset Rattlesnake Island

Around Hook Island by Sea Kayak
It's hard to have a bad week sea kayaking around the Whitsundays and, like many before us, we didn't manage it either. 

 Sunset Dugong Beach

Umbrawarra Gorge
Traversing the full gorge took us two tries (we were surprisingly close the first time) but was well worth it. Turns out there is some decent rock climbing too. 

 Deep in Umbrawarra Gorge

Jatbula Track
The Grey Nomads floating around with pool noodles in the local caravan parks will try to convince you that you can "do" Nitmiluk National Park in day. Don't believe them. 

 17 Mile Falls, Jatbula Track

Kakadu National Park
Kakadu has it all (although the park could do with a few more longer maintained tracks), aboriginal art, crocodiles, remote sandstone gorges, open savannah grasslands, and diverse wetlands

 Doug high above Kurrindie Creek

Larapinta Track
This walk was on my list of "must do walks" before we even left Canada. Justly popular. 

 Ellery Saddle and the West Macdonnell Range

Mount Arapiles
Without a doubt the best climbing in Australia. Climb, rest, repeat

I'll leave you with one last picture of a big ocean and a small kayak.  Keep on adventuring.

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