Friday, March 6, 2015

Waiting On The Weather: Windy Days In Tasmania

Our first couple of weeks in Tasmania were marked by incredible weather - light to moderate winds and only occasional rainy days. We were out doing as many trips as possible, and then, the inevitable happened and the weather became, what I imagine, is much more "normal" for Tasmania. In other words, rainy days became frequent, not just one here and there but many days of continuous rain strung together, and the wind rose to (literally) a fever pitch. Although we had plans to climb many more mountains, staggering up mountains in rain, fog and wind seemed silly, futile, potentially hazardous, so we left the west (wet?) coast area and drove the windy roads to the north coast of the country with plans of great sea kayak trips along this beautiful coast. So far, the kayaks have been most useful as rain water collection devices. 

The last few days, we have had gale force (really, the winds at Cape Grim today reached 50 knots) so the kayaks have continued to sit on the roof of the car gathering rain. We don't do "waiting for weather" well, although we should as we have had over 30 years practice. Somehow, waiting for weather just does not get any easier. I still feel as if my life, still precious (maybe more precious) after 50 years is slipping away if I am not kayaking, climbing or walking. The enthusiasm of youth seems to have been scarcely mollified by age. I still feel, as Dylan Thomas wrote, that we should "rage, rage against the dying of the light." 

Stormy morning at The Nut, Stanley

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