Friday, February 26, 2016

Square Rock Namadgi National Park

This is a short but very popular walk in Namadgi National Park that leads to a couple of view points, one over the Orroral Valley and the other over the Tidbinbilla Range. The track start is at Smokers Gap on the Corin Road and some easy uphill walking through open forest leads to Smokers Flat. There is a track junction here, and you can walk out to the Orroral Valley.

Looking out over the Orroral Valley

About a kilometre further along, there is another track junction and it is worth taking both branches to their ends. The left junction leads to a view over the Orroral Valley, although you will have to crane your head around a bit to see through the trees. The right junction leads to the main attraction - Square Rock - where you can scramble about or even do a bit of roped climbing. 

Square Rock

Square Rock is a couple of hundred metres above the valley and it's nice just to hang out and enjoy the view for a while. 

 Hanging out at Square Rock

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