Friday, October 21, 2016

Wimbie to Oaky Beach and the Tollgates

There was talk of a weekend camp/paddle but an iffy forecast on Sunday meant that instead we settled on a day paddle on Saturday. Only a day or two before the Batemans Bay wave height had been up to 6 metres but fell surprisingly quickly. Sometimes that happens, and sometimes it does not. 

The Dart surges ahead

We met at Wimbie Beach and headed out to the Tollgate Islands. Mark and I managed to get separated from the other three and Mark had to endure my rant about my Mum's recent medical malpractice adventure. It was lumpy on the east side of the Tollgate Islands with a lot of current. We continued on to North Head Beach where Neil wanted to land. It was easy to land, probably the easiest spot today, and we had lunch there. 

East side Tollgate Islands

I thought it was far too early to go back as we would have a tail-wind on the return trip so we continued on around North Head - lumpy - to Oaky Beach. Mark was miles out to sea and straight-lining for New Zealand and we all deafened ourselves blowing our whistles to get his attention. I was too slow to get far enough in to Oaky Beach to see how it would be to land but it looked like quite a shore dump. 

Mike passing the Tollgate Islands

Once we got back around North Head, the sails went up. I took the top off my sail but should have left it on as the wind was not as strong as I thought. Both mine and Doug sails were cavitating a lot which was annoying. Mike was trying to teach me to catch the wind waves but every time I speeded up the kayak, the sail cavitated dreadfully and my boat felt like it was getting shaken by a large shark, so the lesson was not a great success.

Kayaks and ocean, all you really need in life

Back at the beach, I took the Dart for a spin and found it quite comfortable to sit in, except I could not use the pegs or braces. The boat feels strangely stiff compared to a plastic boat and catches waves exceptionally easily.

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