Wednesday, November 30, 2016

At Least Try Hard

Seems the thing lately is when you get injured at your sport, even seriously injured, you become magically grateful for the experience. I'm not sure if this more Millennial nonsense, revisionist history, or something else entirely. Whatever it is, it does not work for me. My minor elbow tendinitis drives me crazy. I have taken 8 weeks off kayaking, 4 weeks off lifting weights, 8 weeks off climbing - and counting. Two months in, as I get weaker and weaker, I'm still waiting to feel the mystic appreciation of the experience.

Pulling that try hard face

If I could do it all again, I wouldn't. I'd do the tedious overhead mobility and stability work that I am grinding through now, before doing all those dead-hangs, lock-offs and pull-ups. For sure not as exciting or immediately gratifying but necessary to remaining injury free and fully functional in the long run. The only thing I do feel grateful for is that I still like trying hard.   

Look at those rolled forward shoulders, no wonder I have tendinitis


  1. I hear you. I just turned 54 and thought I had a bruised heel for 6 months that was slowing me down after a broken toe. Turns out to be plantar fasciitis, so I am getting fat. No Nepali treks like in 2015 for me. Last year your blog inspired me to take the munchkins 12, 14, 21, 23, on 2 trips kayaking around the Whitsundays, hiring from Salty Dog. In 2017 I have just booked a week camping on each of Russell and Fitzroy islands after reading your entries, thank you, hopefully the coral is not totally dead. Looking forward to getting warm in winter, I need a break from Mornington peninsula's cold. A bit worried after reading your friend's encounter with the croc. Lol.When we left Lizard Island last year, we remarked, 'thank goodness there are no crocs here," but the lady from the research station retorted, ' but there is a resident 6 m male, we have him on film." Luckily he retreats when filmed. Tomorrow we are off to Thredbo, have cut footprints for our 2nd hand hilleberg from Tyvek material, snow is expected Friday, yay, it snowed heaps up there september. Would love to do the lady northcote tunnel, or long plain caves, we'll see. Hey, try turmeric, I swear by it.

  2. Paula, hope you have a wonderful trip both at Thredbo and in north Queensland. I too hope the coral is still healthy as there is beautiful snorkelling off Fitzroy and Russell. Keep on getting out there.