Monday, January 9, 2017

Two Melons Crash A Sausage Party: Tathra To Bermagui And Back By Sea Kayak

The beginning of the end was probably "what a bunch of soft sausages" lobbed across the bows via email late at night right before the 2017 Coffee Cruise was due to convene. Plans for six sausages and the owner of two melons to meet at Tathra at 9 am for a pre-trip coffee were suddenly cast into disarray. Sausages were flying everywhere in splinter groups that bore little resemblance to the original plan. Two sausages did get in their kayaks and found themselves camped in a quiet lagoon, one sausage decided to stay away altogether, and four other sausages went (unintentionally) 4 wheel driving. It was looking more like a Chaos trip than a Coffee Cruise.

Packing the kayaks for another day of cruising, PC DB

Day two things settled into a pleasant routine of easy cruising north along the scenic coastline, punctuated by lonely camps on deserted beaches, and stories; lots and lots of stories of bravery, heroism, and the occasional buxom female.
On the third day, we packed camp in an easterly wind and paddled north across a surprisingly lumpy sea to Bermagui. I found it a long 16 km and judging by how stiffly everyone else staggered out of their boats at Main Beach, I was not the only one. After a long rest, we headed south again, pulling into a quiet beach and setting up camp on a gum shaded grassy field overlooking Montague Island.

Sausages at sea, PC DB

We had perfect sailing conditions on our fourth day and ran down-wind easily passing rocky headlands and small surf strewn beaches to a sheltered camp in a warm lagoon. I passed the afternoon wandering in an unexpected rain shower along a deserted and wind-stripped beach.

Lonely beach, PC DB

And, finally, the end. A calm morning on the water, some spilling surf to land in, and, of course, for the sausages, the admiring gaze of bonny ladies on the beach.

Sailing, PC, DB

Watch the video here.   

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