Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mount Larcom

Two hours into driving north to Rockhampton and I was melting down from inactivity. We were passing Gladstone and Mount Larcom, to the west, offered a good walk and a viewpoint from which to see our upcoming sea kayak trip. The access is north along Targinie Road to Lyn Road and a small gravel parking lot. As we had our caravan, we parked at the bottom of Lyn Road and walked up.

Mount Larcom

Surprisingly, for such a scenic walk so close to two large centres - Rockhampton and Gladstone - there were few people on the track - at least at first. The track is marked with paint splotches and tree triangles, but as it is eroded about 2 metres wide, you would have to try really, really hard to lose it.

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For the first 1.5 to 2 km, the track is flat, apart from dips into and out of gullies, and heads west until you are below a saddle north of the small rocky peak. This is where the elevation gain begins, and it is a steep, but easy climb up to the saddle. Once at the saddle, the peak is a short 130 metres above capped with a brief but potentially slippery rock scramble.

Doug on Mount Larcom

There are good views north to the Keppel Group of islands, south to Rodds Peninsula and east to the scattered islands along the reef. After a short stay, we walked back inexplicably encountering 98% of the people we saw along the way in the first 2% of the track. All up, it took us under 3 hours, but YMMV.

Looking north from Mount Larcom

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  1. They are agaves, a terrible weed. Thanks for the posts on Fraser Island we depart from Urangan Fri4th and such reports as yours are useful