Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't Let Your Guard Down

Today I climbed Megawatts, an 8 pitch 5.8 sport route up Brilliant Bluffs overlooking Castlegar. Eva and I swung leads which was super efficient and the climb was a lot of fun. It's not often I get to climb with other competent female climbers and I enjoyed the climb a lot.

Eva on the final pitch

We sat for a15 minutes on the overlook and had some lunch before descending. Walking on the virtually flat ground, I twisted my ankle and proceeded to limp the through the three kilometre descent. When I got back to the truck and took my shoe off, my foot was swollen like a grapefruit.

I surely hope this doesn't ruin my climbing season now that it has finally stopped raining. 

 My left foot looking much larger than my right, both are equally ugly

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