Sunday, June 26, 2011

Early Starts Rock

Today I climbed Mount Holmes at the north end of the Kokanee Range with a friend of mine. We left Nelson at 5 am, started bushwacking at about 7 am and were on the summit at 8,100 feet at 10.40 am. Even that early, however, there was a lot of convective build-up, although thunderstorms did not seem imminent. We had a quick two hour descent on good snow and were back at the truck just after 1.00 pm and home in Nelson at 3.00 pm.

Early starts rock - avoid thunderstorms, avoid epics, get up and down while the snow is still firm, and be back at home in time to do something else with the day. 

 The last 500 feet to the top of Mount Holmes, convective activity already building

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