Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giving It All Ya Got

Today's Crossfit WOD (actually 24/Sept/11 WOD, but I am behind) was 7 rounds for time:
  • 35# dumbbell hang squat clean 18 reps
  • 18 pullups
  • 135# power clean 10 reps
  • 10 handstand pushups.

I did the dumbbell hang squat cleans with 12#, the power cleans with a measly 17# and subbed 5 ankles to bar for the pull-ups 'cos I can't do 126 pull-ups on any day and I was already fatigued from multiple work-out days in a row. And, finally, I did one of the easier variations of handstand pushups 'cos I also can't do a single full handstand pushup.

I finished in about 20 minutes, and, despite all these weakling modifications, I was shaky and wrecked when I finished and for hours afterward.

Under each days workout is a section to post feedback to the workout. This is generally where people post times and weights. The first four postings included two from women who had finished the workout as written (if you think you could do it, give it a try) and had finished in 46:21 and 70:20. Suddenly, my effort seemed not much short of pathetic. 

Scaling is fair, but scaling so much that you don't give a WOD your all out effort is just a cop-out. Here was a woman (Katie) who had plowed on with this workout for over an hour, and finished as prescribed. Now that is giving it all ya got.

Some impromptu pull-ups on the Millenium Bridge

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