Monday, January 2, 2012

Phew ...

No, I'm not recovering from the mother of all hangovers after the wildest New Years Eve party of all time, actually, I'm struggling to recover from the mother of all stomach viruses. This is my seventh day down with some kind of gastric bug, that, I must say is good for leaning out - although I am sure I am losing muscle mass not fat - but not good for much else.

The last couple of days, I've spent trying to rehydrate from my sadly dehydrated state. One glass of water every hour has been a struggle, but I've done it for the last two days and seem to be finally turning the corner.

The paleo diet, however, went to crap, as the only thing I could face eating was dry bread. Better that than nothing I figured. I challenge anyone to chew on steak and eggs when they feel like they are going to heave.

I'm supposed to be off on a SAR course this coming week, but, in my present state of physical (and mental deterioration) I can't see myself participating. 

Hopefully, your New Year came in a little more positively.

Emerging from a fog of illness

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