Monday, January 23, 2012

These Are Your Choices

One of the things that can really bug me are the people who say "it's easy for you because you are fit and lean," apparently not realizing that I am neither fit nor lean by chance. In fact, for me to be fit and lean requires continuous hard work and lots of it. After a ski day, while everyone else goes home and puts their feet up with a beer and nachos, I go home and train on my indoor climbing wall and eat a spartan dinner. On days I'm not skiing, I'm doing the Crossfit WOD.

Many, many days I'm tired, hungry and the last thing I feel like doing is beating myself down with another workout, but I do, building, if nothing else, at least some mental toughness to push on when I'm fatigued.

If you are choosing to eat the standard carbo-crashing junkie diet, engage in futile workouts (or no workouts at all) and collapse on the couch at the first sign of any difficulty, then you are choosing to be out of shape and over-fat. And that's not my problem.
Pulling the big roof on Jungle Boy, El Portero Chico

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