Saturday, March 31, 2012

All I Could

Last night I saw the ski porn flick "All I Can." I gotta admit, ski porn flicks leave me cold. They seem so much the same: endless shots of gnarly dudes with rad hairstyles skiing steep lines to some ghetto blasting music. Truthfully, I can't say I found All I Can any less tedious to sit through than the last ski porn flick I saw, and that was about as tedious as watching the snow melt in my yard.

The movie was, however, significantly more vacuous. These ski porn dudes should never be encouraged to open their mouths. Yes, they can ski, but as for coherent, well reasoned thoughts on complex subjects - such as climate change - these dudes prove that their last grey cells were long since blown away by their last dope hit.

A review in Powder Magazine says the flick "unites us all, young and old, to acknowledge hypocrisies and negativity and to engender positive change. ...All.I.Can. shifts the paradigm, leaving viewers encouraged and united on a communal front." Yeah, right. The idea that a bunch of half-stoned dudes who fly all over the world in jets and helicopters, drive powerful gas guzzling sleds into the mountains, and can barely string three coherent words together are somehow going to launch an environmental movement is risible.

Real change happens when real people make real sacrifice.

Get real, dude. 

A bunch of real people doing real work
 that will benefit other real people, no personal gain

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