Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HIT Stripping

I fell off the wagon a bit with my HIT strips. Before Kokanee, I could do a bunch of reps on our second steepest wall, so I moved them along to our steepest wall. Got back from Kokanee, and couldn't do even a single lap. "Just weak from skiing all week and no climbing," I thought. So, I've spent the last couple of weeks doing a lot of bouldering on the wall.

Tried the HIT strips again today, and still couldn't do a single lap. Moved them back to our second steepest wall and can do multiple laps. One wall is too hard, one too easy. There's no benefit to not getting off the ground, so I'll weight a backpack next time.

My homemade HIT strips


  1. So are you just using hardwood strips on an adjustable wall in a structure similar to what is recommended by Nicros?

  2. Yeah. Dirt cheap version using left over bits of wood, sanded smooth to avoid splinters. Seems to work well.