Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Globo Goodness

Like most people who work out with Crossfit, Mountain Athlete, Alpine Training Center, or some other similar functional gym, I'm snobbish, suspicious, even scornful of the workouts prescribed at regular globo gyms. Since we've been back at the Cave, I've been working out everyday with my rock rings and a propane tank (the heaviest thing to hand, but still way too light) doing Mountain Athlete workouts. Better than nothing, but definitely not as good as having a full set of free weights and a bouldering cave.

My niece, however, works at one of the local globo gym franchises and happened to mention I could get a free 7 day pass. The catch was, that you must use the 7 days consecutively. No worries, 7 days of beat downs while I am stuck in the city is just what I need to stay sane, so I downloaded my 7 day free coupon and walked up to the local globo gym. It's actually a pretty good gym. As usual, there are too many machines taking up valuable space that could be stocked with more free weights, but it does have a reasonable selection of free weights, medicine balls (too light, but better than nothing) and pull-up bars.

As usual, there is some weird, useless, or maybe both stuff going down. Like the people texting while they lift weights, or the stick thin woman who was using the Smith Machine for squats and leaning back, back, way back. It even strikes me as bizarre to walk on a treadmill when you live in an area where, most days, the weather outdoors is perfect for walking, there is an abundance of bush tracks nearby where you can walk outdoors getting the benefit of fresh air, different scenery and, most importantly perhaps, engaging your proprioceptive ability on uneven terrain.

All the usual globo gym nonsense aside, today is my third day working out, and, although my muscles are stiff and sore, I feel great. There is just nothing like a hard workout, or a few hard workouts to bump up the endorphins and make you feel good. 

Better views when you walk outside

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