Sunday, March 24, 2013

More On Decision Making

We bought a caravan yesterday.  It is a nice little 13 foot van, 2002 model, never (really NEVER) used.  It is the lightest caravan we looked at, and has the best storage and layout for a 13 foot caravan, and we are happy with it.  Although it is in near new condition (husband bought caravan at show, wife refused to go camping, caravan has sat ever since), we still need to do a few things to it before we leave the Cave and travel north.  It needs a battery and solar panels so we can bush camp, a couple more LED lights (the van already has some LED lights), an awning, and some modifications to the storage area under the beds to make that space more readily accessible.  

As we were driving out to look at the van, Doug and I were chatting about whether we would buy it or not.  We had already looked at this caravan the week before and really liked it.  We drove over fully prepared to buy it, but, not really believing we would.  The words “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior” kept going through my head, as, despite looking at a dozen caravans, and being prepared to buy a couple of them, we had always ended buying nothing.  

It also occurred to me that not making a decision was far easier than making a decision.  We could endlessly go on looking at one caravan after another, never actually deciding on one, and thus saving ourselves the repercussions of making a poor decision.  

I think this is how people become stuck in life; whether it be stuck eating a poor diet, or wasting their time on a useless exercise schedule, stuck in a dead-end job or relationship, or just doing the same old things every day, every week, every year, and never exploring anywhere or anything new.  Reluctance to make a decision for fear of being wrong and having to accept the consequences of being wrong might lead people to waste the only life they will ever have.

A thought that can either empower you to make changes, or paralyze you with fear.  You choose.  

Mountain top some where in the Kootenays,
trying to decide where to go next 

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