Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dog Goes SUP

Dogs have pretty good balance, maybe having four paws on the ground instead of two legs helps, or maybe the fact that they have not forgotten how to move and eat in ways suitable to their species, something that is irrecoverable for most humans. With winds still forecast in the 15 to 20 knot range for one final day, we went up to Yorkeys Knob at low tide to surf with the sea kayaks. The only other dude out was a stand-up paddle boarder whose dog stood happily on the front of the board while he surfed. Had our waterproof camera not suddenly completely failed, I would have taken a photo. 

An old picture from Yorkeys Knob

Even with the bigger sets, we were probably only getting waves near a metre, but this time they were regular, well formed, with a longer wave length than we have had before, and, overall just much easier to get a ride on. We were pretty much able to catch one wave after another. After a while, however, I started feeling my trunk muscles. Our kayaks are fairly responsive, but turning a 5 metre sea kayak around still takes a fair bit of trunk strength. What with weight training and bouldering, I don't really have any days off during the week and consequently my muscles are pretty much chronically stiff and sore. 

As the tide rose, the waves started to wash out a bit and we paddled back into the harbour and finished with some eskimo roll practice – yeah, I really felt like that with stiff sore muscles! 

The wind is still blowing pretty steadily at about 15 knots this afternoon, so we might squeeze one more surfing day out before the doldrums return. And the dog, only fell off once.

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