Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Hot Day On The Moruya River

Really, we should have gone out to work on our eskimo rolls, but, sometime around the three thousandth failure, you kind of want a break from that, if not physically, at least mentally, so, on the last hot day in Moruya we decided to paddle down the Moruya River from the Kiora Bridge to the boat ramp in Moruya.  

I left the house first and rode Doug's $10 tip shop bike - the Razor - down to the boat ramp arriving around about the same time as Doug drove up with the boats on the roof.  We locked up the Razor - you can't take chances with a $10 bike - and drove out of town on the Aruluen Road to the Kiora Bridge.  We crossed and recrossed the bridge a couple of times trying to find an easy spot to launch as the banks are quite steep and finally settled on sliding the boats down the bank on the upstream side of the Kiora side of the bridge (aka the southwest side).  

The tide was ebbing, but there was not much current on the river and with a stiff northerly and the river running mainly north along this section, we certainly weren't flying along.  Doug found a sandy beach and we attacked the usual eskimo roll practice although I was not at all enthusiastic on this day.  

Now, wringing wet and uncomfortable, we resumed our journey.  I kept expecting to see Moruya around the next bend of river, but, it was not until we had been paddling almost two hours that the hospital and then the bridge came into sight.  By that time, the southerly change was blowing in and it was starting to feel a bit cool.

Once we landed at the boat ramp, Doug took off on the Razor to retrieve the car and I shivered in cold wet clothes in a gusty wind.  A pleasant paddle through pastoral country, worth doing once on a hot day.  

 On the Moruya River

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