Saturday, April 23, 2016

Potato Point To Dalmeny Along Brou Beach

After lots of lots of kayaking it seemed like a good idea to actually use my legs for a change. Plus, it was windy with a big swell running and I had no paddling partners. I decided to walk Brou Beach between Dalmeny and Potato Point. The shortest drive for me was to start at the north end at Potato Point and walk south. This had the added advantage of me walking back with the wind behind me. 

Jemisons Beach, Point and Brou Beach from Potato Point

I parked up at the trig marker at Potato Point and walked back down the street to some steps leading to Jemisons Beach. This is a lovely little beach between two headlands that was completely deserted. The tide was high so I had to walk around Jemisons Head on tracks. A big group was camped right where the steps leave the beach and, to avoid bumbling right through their campsite, I went right (west) instead of left (east). This took me through a gorgeous gum forest and after some back-tracking down to the beach at Lake Tourarga. 

Gum forest

Brou Beach is about 6.5 km long and empty, completely empty, even on a holiday weekend. There were two groups of emus, probably about ten in total, meandering along the beach eating vegetation. I started taking photos when I was perhaps 500 metres away thinking that they would get spooked when I got closer. Strolling along, however, I eventually got within about 5 metres of them.
I walked all the way to Dalmeny because I wanted to check out launching a sea kayak from the beach. At least in a southerly swell it would be quite easy near Mummaga Heads as rocky reef blocks some of the swell and the beach is gentle giving spilling waves. 

Beach going emus

There were far too many people about, however, so I turned and wandered back up the beach. The tide had dropped so beach walking was easier. At Jemisons Point I tried to scramble around the rocks but got stymied by a deep gulch and had to take the track back up onto the headland again. As I was heading along to Jemisons Beach a huge monitor lizard, maybe a full metre long, came swaggering down the track. Finally, back along the still deserted Jemisons Beach and back to the car. 

 Beautiful big monitor lizard

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