Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Cluster Fucks

You can try and deny it, but, if you've been recreating in the outdoors for any length of time you've been involved in at least one cluster-fuck (CF). We had our own CF last Wednesday, the result of a veritable tidal wave of discordant conditions coming together to create a classic CF.

As is often the case, our CF involved too large a party size (seven) and a bunch of strong personalities all at variance with one another. Poor communication, a factor of personalities and group size contributed, as it always does to CF's.

In the end, we were lucky, we had no serious accident or even incident resulting from our CF. Our group got separated, we found each other, we got back later than expected, our ski run pretty much sucked, but other than that, we suffered no loss of limb or life. Loss of ego, possibly, but egos grow as quickly blackflies in summer, and, we'd likely all be better off with less ego.

A CF in the making?

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