Monday, January 24, 2011

Yep, it really is stealing....

Among my many pet peeves is the rampart copy and pasting that you find on the internet where people put up a site and then pull all the information for their site from other sources. I've frequently found my stuff - trip and route descriptions, photos, etc. - snatched from my site and copied onto another, frequently commercial, site. The copy and paste crew might change a word or two so they can claim that my own stuff is just a "source", and fool themselves (and others?) that they aren't really doing what we were all taught in school was wrong - plagiarizing. But, stealing is stealing, and it's still stealing if you snatch it off the web and repost it on your own page without getting permission. 

 Another spot I won't be sharing the beta for as the plagiarists are lurking close by.

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