Thursday, January 6, 2011

There's Just No Sport In It

Skiing with Roland - aka the pension machine - you get kind of used to burning out the unsuspecting ski tourers who occasionally accompany us (usually only the once) on our expeditions. Roland seems to delight in toying with these folks, most especially the younger crowd, who look at us two or three grey haired old foagies and think, "how hard can it be ski touring with these guys?"

Well, harder than you might initially think. Yesterday, we cranked out a 1650 metre day which included a reasonable amount of travel, and, as Roland and I waited at the top of the last hill for the third and youngest member of our party - who, coincidentally, had lagged behind us on both the uphills and downhills all day and who had not broken even a foot of trail - I quipped to him "There's just no sport anymore in burning out the youth. It's like shooting gold-fish in a glass jar."

 Roland, in a brief quiescent period, fueling up to burn off some more youth.

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