Sunday, April 29, 2012

Conventional Nutrition is Killing You

After years of suffering through hypoglycemic attacks, poor energy, long recovery times, and, most annoying of all, having to eat every two hours, I am happy to have completely given up conventional nutrition, which I have come to realize is all so much garbage founded, not on science, but on big-Farma.

Although, Rob Wolf's "Paleo Solution" book made the New York Times best-seller list, eating Paleo is still considered out there by most people, and main-stream dietary advice continues to advise people to most of their calories from toxic grains.

Eating Paleo, however, is a lot like Crossfit, most people won't even give the Paleo diet a trial. Which is strange to me, because, unlike Crossfit, eating Paleo isn't really that hard. True, you'll have to give up that junky breakfast cereal you eat and, all those baked goods, but, isn't getting stronger, feeling better, leaning out, improving your performance, and protecting your long term health worth a few sacrifices. Apparently not. 

Bacon and Eggs for breakfast before a day of ski touring

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