Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The West Kootenay Project List

When I first moved to the West Kootenay about 10 years ago, I became enamored of the idea of climbing all the officially named peaks of the region.

Exactly what comprises the West Kootenay is open to debate. As a starting point, I used this list, to which I've made some additions and deletions over the years. Geographically, a rough boundary with Arrow and Christina Lakes to the south and west, and Kootenay and Trout Lakes to the north and east makes some kind of geographical sense, but a more clear-cut boundary may omit the Rossland and Christina Ranges and run along the Columbia River to the US border.

In any case, last time I checked my list there were 284 peaks, of which I had climbed 202. Those with respectable math skills will quickly recognize that I still have 82 peaks remaining. Some of the remaining 82 are remote and require multiple days to approach, climb and return from. Others are merely tedious tree covered bumps that are not all that distant and certainly not difficult but lack much in the way of interest.

I suspect, had I been more focused (?diligent) I could have climbed all 284 peaks by now. After all, that is only 28.4 peaks per year. But, I frequently get side-tracked, and go climbing in other areas, or climb different routes on peaks I've climbed before. With our impending, although exactly how impending remains to be seen, move from the area, I've become more interested in chewing away at the project list again.

A number of peaks look suitable for spring ski trips. If I tag those summits, I'll report it here. 

Overlooking Cooper and South Cooper Creeks:
A Failed Attempt to Climb Mount Cooper

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