Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still Skiing

Over the past weekend, three of us (plus a wandering dog) skied from Ferguson to Staubert Lake across the Badshot Range, traversing Great Northern Mountain and Mount Thompson along the way. This was one of those routes dreamed up while looking over maps in the fall and thinking about good (new) trips for the winter season.

On the map, the terrain looked ideal for an easy ski traverse, and so it was. An old mining road leads up to the alpine at the southeast end of the ridge system from the small hamlet of Ferguson. While at the northwest end, a cutblock at 1660 metres and new logging road leads easily down to Staubert Lake. In between, is about 15 km of delightful ridge line terrain. Both Great Northern Mountain and Mount Thompson are easily ascended on skis, and there are multitudes of campsites with superb views available in between.

We camped two nights on the route, but the trip could easily be done in two days. However, with good weather and views, fast and easy travel and pleasant traveling companions, why rush home?

Skiing up Mount Thompson

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