Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wandering Along Wards Ferry Trail

I had hopes of climbing today but it was wet, cold and rainy in the morning, so, rather than spend a single other day cooped up in the house, I hiked along the Wards Ferry trail from Rover Creek to near Glade. This newish (last 8 years or so) trail follows an historic wagon road route used to ferry supplies to mines in the late 1800's.

I walked this trail with my Mum back in, I think, 2003 when it was relatively new and again in 2008. We never got as far as Glade but probably got about half-way along. When we first hiked it, the bridge over Rover Creek was very rickety and we forded Rover Creek instead of using the bridge. The second time, I am pretty sure we used the bridge, which had been substantially improved.

Today I thought my Mum wouldn't have liked the bridge at all as it was slippery and has deteriorated to the point that one of the logs is quite wobbly. Fording Rover Creek would have been out as it was running high and fast. 

Bridge over Rover Creek


  1. You are quite right, I would'nt have liked it .I didn't like it very much in 2008 when the bridge was OK,but I enjoyed the walk on both occasions.I remember the first time I took my boots off and walked through the water.

  2. A new metal bridge is being installed in October 2016 by Castlegar Parks and Trails Society, that will be much better than the old logs were.