Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yesterday after strolling along the Wards Ferry trail (16 km return), I did my Stronglifts workout. Today, as most days, my muscles are tired and sore, and I have that (what has come to seem normal), low-grade fatigue.

Unlike other weight training programs where you do the same exercises day after day, Stronglifts never gets easier (the weight always goes up) Additionally, the exercises are complex, requiring activation of most major muscle groups, so you always feel it the day(s) after and your body never gets used to the training.

I'm now squatting 117 pounds (not quite my body weight), pressing pressing 62 pounds, deadlifting 112 pounds, rowing and benching 87 pounds. According to the Crossfit standards I'm in the intermediate category for everything but the deadlift where I am merely a novice. 

 Doug playing around with some pull-ups on a hike

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