Friday, November 22, 2013

Big Boats and Bouldering

It was bouldering day today, even Doug came down for a while. Although the bouldering area is under the shade of some big fig trees, I'm not sure I'd want to be climbing down there in heat of a tropical summer, so I cycled down right after breakfast. The big rain event last week had washed all the chalk marking the new routes off, so I spent most of my hour there working technique and general endurance. I finished off working on the big cave which is good for finger and trunk strength, but the holds are placed kinda funky so you have to be careful you don't tweak a tendon.

 On the wall
Doug had some errands to run so he took off early while I finished up my hour. I cycled down to the pool to have a swim before coming home, and, once at the pool decided I should cycle right to the end of the Esplanade and down to the Marina. I haven't been down this way before and was shocked to see all the big catamarans and tour boats that take people out to the reef. I had no idea the place was so busy. At the far end of the port, a monstrous cruise liner was moored and all the passengers were wandering about with their identification tags hung around their necks.

I'm not really into man made stuff, but this cruise ship was so big even I felt compelled to cycle past and take a look. I'm not sure how big the boat really was, but it seemed to cover a few city blocks. Must use a heck of a lot of petrol to run that thing. The amount of resources being used up for people's leisure is just astonishing. Strangely enough, I could see a small climbing wall on the back of the boat!

Huge ocean liner with bouldering wall
Finally, I went back and swam in the pool which is nice in its way, but the water is now easily as hot as the air so you don't really cool off much. I always cycle home in my wet clothes to try to get a bit more cooling influence but today that didn't seem to work too well.

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