Monday, November 11, 2013

sWEaT Season

It really feels like the wet season is starting in Cairns, at least to my uneducated climatic sense. This morning it was 25o C at 5.00 am with 90% humidity. Yowza. I rode my bike down to my favourite Mount Whitfield trail and hiked up to the top, by which time I had dripped out about half my body weight in sweat. There were a few other folks out this morning, including the guy who (I found out this morning) maintains the trail, and we were all pretty much awash in sweat.

The weather forecast for today is kind of interesting, in a nerdy weather kind of way “showers then a few storms.” It will be interesting to see what sort of weather this forecast brings. It could bring 2 mm of rain, it could bring 200 mm of rain. Sometimes I think there is no way of knowing in Australia where the climate seems gratuitously fickle. 

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