Monday, November 18, 2013

In The Real World

This stupid advertising video is making the rounds of the interwebs right now accompanied by all sorts of commendations for the amazing skill of the dude in the video, who, apparently is some guy called Jean-Claude Van Damme, a person unknown to me as I live outside the reach of advertising (we can all live outside the realm of advertising if we choose).

The idea that people find this video impressive boggles my mind and perhaps defines everything that is wrong with our society. We are impressed by banal party tricks yet blind to the heroism of every day people in our midst. People like Andrew McAuley, who, in 2007 was lost at sea after an epic and unrepeated crossing of the Tasman Sea below the 40th parallel in that most elegant of all ocean going craft, the single sea kayak.

Instead of polluting your mind with garbage, watch Solo, or, even better, read the book

 Paddling Through the Barnard Islands

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