Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's All Coming Together.

This morning we took the kayaks up to Palm Cove along with our 1 metre2 Pacific Action sails. The winds were only light, but with our biggest sails, we got a reasonable push out to Haycock Island even though we were sailing due east with a southeast wind. We circled around Haycock Island and sailed down to Double Island for our usual kayak rolling session. Right now, I am on my second session of doing four rolls, but I was going so well I did five. My arm is still bothering me a bit from that dratted dip assist machine I used at the gym, and I was feeling it a bit on the sweeps. It's also quite clear that neither my upper body nor my butt is in the kind of paddling shape I was in when we paddled to Lizard Island. Just the thought of six unbroken hours in the boat is enough to make me cringe a little. Still, if you stay in reasonable over all shape, the last bit of work to get your stamina up never takes that long. 

 Kayak sailing past Double Island to Haycock Island

Coming back to Palm Cove, we managed another good push from the wind even though we were sailing almost into it. Winds under 15 knots are best harnessed with a bigger sail. Today, it seemed like everything on my boat was finally working right. The sail was sucking up the wind, our new system which uses cleats with saddles for pulling down the sails one handed was grabbing, my seat and thigh pads were adjusted just right, our waterproof camera was functioning and I easily got my assigned number of eskimo rolls. 

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