Friday, July 29, 2011

A Date With Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock is an incredibly popular hike on the north side of the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.  It is a 330 metre hike on a well maintained trail to the lookout spot - called Pulpit Rock (where most people stop) - and a further 800 metres of gain to the top of Mount Nelson (locally known as Elephant Mountain).  

In 2008, local ACMG mountain guide, David Lussier and Myranda Terlingen established a three pitch sport climb on the south facing cliffs that make up Pulpit Rock, and called their new climb, The Date.  

Doug and I climb The Date every year and every year it is as much fun as the year before.  The rock is well cleaned and solid, the belays are comfy, the bolts are well spaced and the climbing is fun.  Add to that the excellent access trail, the pleasant view from Pulpit Rock itself, and the easy walk off, and making a date with The Date on Pulpit Rock is just a no brainer. 

Looking down on Nelson from the top of The Date on Pulpit Rock

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