Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spring Mountain Spanking

Doug and I spent four days at Spring Mountain in northeastern Oregon. This is a little climbing area with lots of character. The climbing is on a 0.75 km long 30 metre high andesite cliff. The western end tends to be a bit mossy and scruffy, but the climbs clean up as you move east and there are some real gems to be found.

Camping is free along the Whitman Overlook Road, and we had a lovely campsite in a meadow with a couple of pools (not drinking water) nearby. Sunsets were spectacular. Each day we walked to the crag and climbed until my ankle swelled up (yep, those torn ligaments sure take time to heal) and became too sore to climb on.

If you go, take bug dope, a full rack for the trad routes - although there are plenty of sport routes - and be prepared for some variation in grades. Our favorite routes were Rally Race, Pod of God, Oot and Aboot, Deep Impact, Spring Fever and Etched in Stone. Sandbag award is tied between Chunky Mother and Fab Slab. 

An online guide is available here.

Just another Spring Mountain sunset

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