Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playing Tourist in the Slocan Valley

Options for getting out in the West Kootenays are usually limitless, but with my bungled ankle, and Doug's bungled wrist, our choices are somewhat limited. I can only climb about 6 pitches before my foot swells way up and begins throbbing, and I can't do any mountain climbing at all. While Doug can climb mountains and routes that don't require too much pulling with his left hand.

On Tuesday, we decided to play tourist in the Slocan Valley. We stuffed our mountain bikes (a term used only loosely especially for my bike) into the back of the truck and drove down to Playmore Junction. There we took the Slocan Valley bus ($3 each) up to Slocan City after first installing our bikes onto the bike rack on the front of the bus. At Slocan City - which, despite what the name may suggest is a very small village - we rode over to Slocan Bluffs and climbed a few routes. There are a bunch of 30 metre sport routes on the main wall, you need only a 60 metre rope and a dozen quickdraws.

Climbing done, we cycled over to the beach and the start (or end depending on how you look at it) of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail. After having lunch in a spacious pagoda, we cycled the rail-grade back to Playmore Junction. An excellent trip well within the limits of a couple of cripples. 

 The well groomed Slocan Valley Rail Trail

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