Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out and About

One day (yesterday, in fact), the swelling in my ankle just went down.  I got up in the morning and it was way less swollen.  I could get my shoe on, I threw away (returned actually) the crutches and went upstairs and started doing a WOD.  

Today, I went out for a walk on the BNR rail-trail through Nelson.  Well, sort of.  Turns out, once I started walking toward Salmo from the CIC parking area, I found a logging road going uphill and walked up that instead - the idea of getting even a little cardio work-out on an uphill road instantly became more appealing than strolling along the flat rail-trail.  

Once I got home, no great damage done, I tried climbing on the indoor wall in our house.  Less painful than walking on a logging road. 

Tomorrow I'll try an early morning snow climb up at Ymir Mountain.  The next day, all being well, I'll be back slapping the stone. 

Old Trestle Bridge on the BNR Rail Trail

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