Monday, October 21, 2013

Down The Hill

A couple of days ago we left the little Hobbit cottage on the Atherton Tableland and drove down the hill to Cairns to house-sit for the wet season and suddenly, we are no longer travellers. Although I was ready for this, and even in some ways looking forward to being in one place – larger than 13 feet – for a while, it feels weird to not be moving on to the next new thing. Maybe I fear that life will suddenly become normal.

Of course, there is lots to do around Cairns so I don't expect we will be bored. Yesterday, we rode bicycles down to The Esplanade – I had forgotten how fun it is to ride a bike – and climbed at the free bouldering area until we were sweaty and then went for a swim in the free pool. The Esplanade is a great public place, the kind you don't see in Canada. Lovely paths along the water, outdoor exercise equipment, playgrounds for the children, pools, climbing walls, even free fitness classes every day but Sunday. Today a gentle rain is falling, it's relatively cool and comfortable. There's a lot to like about this town.

Doug at the bouldering area

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