Friday, October 11, 2013

Out Of Shape

Days on the road = 166, or 23.4 weeks, 5.9 months, my level of fitness = falling rapidly. I've written previously about how hard I find it to stretch and work-out regularly while travelling. Sometimes I think it reflects a lack of will, other times I think it is unrealistic to expect myself to do a WOD after I've been hiking or paddling all day. Whatever the cause, the result is short or non-existent stretching sessions and similar workouts. Nobody stays as fit as possible by simply hiking or paddling. A person needs to lift heavy weights, do some mobility work, and sometimes run all out.

So the painful process of getting back in shape begins. What to do? I'm not fit enough to do Crossfit, and the super scaled versions don't appeal to me, so I've been doing some old Alpine Center WOD's I have squirrelled away; but, I am not fit enough to do that whole work-out either so each day I do a segment of each work-out until I've completed a full WOD, and then move onto the next.

Each day I boulder on the hobbit cottage we are staying in. Already I think I am getting a bit stronger, and, finally daily stretching/yoga. Now that I have a whole series of podcasts to listen to, I find I can stretch for a solid hour each day. Being the regimented individual I am, I use a stopwatch to make sure I stay in each position for at least a minute. I could even be getting less stiff. When I feel fit enough, I'll add in sprints, right now, I just walk a lot.

Getting in back in shape, painful, but necessary.

Daily buildering

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