Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Days on the Atherton Tableland

Our stay on the Atherton Tableland in the little Hobbit cottage on Lake Tinaroo is sadly coming to an end. Today we went out and did a couple more local activities, a hike around Lake Eachem and a paddle around Lake Barrine. Last time we paddled around Lake Barrine the rain was pouring down. Today, there were about 8 other people paddling around on sit aboard (those kayaks look so uncomfortable) kayaks. Good to see people out, but equally amazing how many had to drive down the hill and park in the bus parking lot because walking 100 metres with a 20 metre elevation gain to the parking lot was too much for them.

I feel way fitter than when we arrived two weeks ago. A fortnight of eating well, sleeping well, and exercising outdoors each day will do that. The bouldering around the cottage walls has been one of the most awesome parts of staying here and I feel like I've got some climbing fitness back. There is an outdoor bouldering wall in Cairns so I may even be able to continue getting some climbing fitness back.

Big Fig tree at Lake Eachem

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