Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Time

To distract ourselves from waiting for the mailman (mail person) to arrive, Doug and I went paddling around Botany Bay today.  This increased the time interval between wondering if the mailman (person) had arrived from every five minutes to every seven minutes.  Doesn't seem like much, but, over the course of a five hour paddle, those two minutes can really add up.

It certainly is starting to feel like time to head north.  I had to put my paddle jacket on when the wind came up as I almost shivered from the cold, and, for the first time on a paddle since we arrived in Australia last September, neither Doug nor I went swimming.  The ocean felt cold!  WTF!

Finally, about 2.30 pm, my Mum called to say the mailman (person) had arrived with our delivery.  We had some shopping to do, but then hurried home and have been packing up last minute items ever since.  

We have at last reached escape velocity to punch our way out of the gravitational pull of the Cave.

Doug paddling Botany Bay

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