Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Still in Sydney, WTF!

Everything is done, the caravan is packed, the sun is shining, and yet, here we are, in Sydney still... WTF! There is one last thing we need which did not make yesterday's mail delivery and, with a public holiday in Australia today, we are now stuck waiting (and hoping) for it to arrive in Friday's mail. Australian mail is actually really awesome, fast, reliable, cheap, but, sadly, not instantaneous. 

We actually discovered one further minor glitch this morning which took us a few hours to sort out. Now, unless the wheels fall off the caravan or car, nothing further should delay us. 

Doug and I went down to the FishBoulders by the Woronora River to boulder this afternoon which was fun and I was lots braver with a spotter and a helmet! It felt good to be climbing again, even if we were never more than three metres off the ground. Height is over-rated. 

Doug at the Fish Boulders

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