Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

Another week has passed with us stuck firmly in the city. Supplies to outfit the caravan for bush camping – solar panels, deep cycle batteries, transformers and converters – are arriving daily at the Cave. Doug spent today improving the access to the storage area under the two beds. While I spent the day measuring, planning, and buying various bins, baskets and storage solutions to outfit our storage space.

Some days, when being in the city is overwhelming me, I wonder if we are being neurotic and whether we should just throw everything into the caravan cupboards (my Mother's organizational strategy) and drive out into the bush. Other days, when I have had a good workout and can think more clearly, I realise that sometimes short term pain is necessary for long term gain. We plan to live in this caravan for the next year, two, maybe even three which makes being well organized and set up for bush camping all the more essential.

Everything a neurotic organizer needs

Truth is, I can be a neurotic organizer. In one house we lived in, much to the amusement of my friends, every shelf was labelled. Had Doug and Kumo not been moving around so much I would, undoubtedly, have stuck a label on them. On the converse side – isn't there always another angle – there is nothing as annoying to me as having to move ten things about to get the one thing you need every day, or having everything fall out of the cupboard on your head because it was stuffed in any old way.

I did find a good climbing/bouldering area about five minutes walk from the Cave yesterday afternoon. The area has great potential and people have clearly been climbing here in the past. There are a bunch of square white paint marks which the Australians use to mark their climbs, a fair few chalked up holds, but only two manky old carrot bolts. Now, I just need to get my arse down there and do some bouldering.

Climbing, five minutes away

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